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Perinatal Care in the Community

 Elizabeth “Betty” Jordan DNSc, RNC
Description: Of the 1,435 babies born in an average week in Maryland 139 are born to teen mothers, 191 are born preterm, 134 are born LBW, & 14 will die before their 1st birthday. Ranked 35th in U.S. Defines the role of the Fetal Infant Mortality review team in the community and examine strategies that contribute to improved maternal and neonatal outcomes. Examine neonatal outcomes of high risk women who received prenatal nurse case management.
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Perinatal Care in the Community

Elizabeth "Betty" Jordan DNSc, RNC

Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

Perinatal Care in the Community


Perinatal Care in the Community
Maryland's preterm birth rate :11.4%/Baltimore City : 14.4% Maryland's LBW : 9.4%/ Baltimore City's LBW : 13.4% Maryland's Cesarean birth rate=31.1% (AA=35.6%) 5.2% of births are to ... See more

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