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Causes & Treatment of Tinnitus

 Tony Kay
Description: An auditory perception due to aberrant spontaneous activity, arising from an altered state of excitation or inhibition within the auditory system. Large variability in prevalence stats: 10-15% of adults PST, 5% interferes with sleep or causes moderate-severe annoyance, and 0.5-1 % severe affect. 7% of UK population has consulted their GP specifically about tinnitus. Prevalence increases with age, hearing loss & noise exposure. Defects at any point in the auditory system can induce tinnitus.
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Tinnitus: Facts, causes & treatment
Tony Kay Aintree Tinnitus Support Group 6th May 2009

Audiologist not a medic Brief overview of a complex subject This talk is not a substitute for individual assessment Troublesome tinnitus, tinnitus in one ear or pulsatile tinnitus should be assessed in an appropriate clinic

Tinnitus Myths True of false?
Tinnitus is a disease? There is no treatme ... See more

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