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3 Lies You've Been Told About Heart Health

 Emil Tompkins PhD
Description: The Statin Drug Revolution:- Cholesterol was linked to heart disease so researchers set out to eliminate Cholesterol. They accomplished their goal, Statins work at lowering cholesterol. But did heart disease deaths drop? 33% fewer deaths?:- All depends on how you work the numbers. control group 3% of people died of heart disease. statin group 2% of people died of heart disease. when you compare the number of people who died, there’s only a 1% change. but if you compare only the numbers of deaths, you can see 33%. But if you knew that the actual number of people who die is only 1% better, would you choose a medication that is known to be dangerous in some populations and ineffective in most, what would you choose?
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3 Lies You’ve Been Told
About Heart Health
Dr. Emil Tompkins

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Our Beliefs About Heart Disease

Stay away from fat

Eat more whole grains

Take Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

Heart Health IQ Test

Which is not a major contributor to heart disease rates?
A. Carbohydrate intake
B. Trans Fat Consumption
C. Total Cholesterol

Heart Health IQ

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