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The Importance Of Health Literacy For Achieving And Maintaining Good Health

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Description: Taking Charge of Your Health: , - the Health-The combination of your Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Social Well-Being. Purpose- To gain knowledge and skills to take charge of your health for a lifetime. Health is dynamic, meaning it is subject to constant change. We practice healthy habits to avoid chronic disease or an ongoing condition or illness, such heart disease, obesity, or cancer. Think of your health at any moment as a point along a continuum spanning the complete spectrum of health.
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Your Health & Wellness
Chapter 1
Lesson #1 pg 4-9
Today’s Lesson Objectives

Objective 1: Explain how the nation’s health goals relate to
individual, family, and community health.
Objective 2: Describe the criteria for evaluating health information.
Objective 3: Understand the importance of health literacy for
achieving and maintaining good health.

Chapter One
Lesson 1: What is Healt ... See more

3 Processes Necessary for Plants to Survive

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants make their own food, a simple sugar, for survival. Chloroplasts in the cell contain the chlorophyll. The chlorophyll is a green pigmen

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06 August, 2017