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Osteoporosis: From Bench To Bedside

 Rivka Dresner-Pollak MD
Description: “Osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal disease characterized by low bone density and microarchitectural deterioration of bone tissue with a consequent increase in bone fragility” Hip fracture: the major public health problem- Medical catastrophe: 1) 10-20% mortality 2) survivors: 25% move to nursing home, 50% unable to walk independently. Bone Biology: Not static: continuous remodeling, new skeleton every 15-20 years- 98% matrix (90% collagen type1), 2% cells, Responds to weight-bearing, Responds to hormonal stimuli, Formation and resorption coupled.
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Domain: Medical
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Rivka Dresner-Pollak MD
Endocrine Service
Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center

What will be discussed:

Osteoporosis - definition
Principles of bone biology
Osteoporosis – pathopysiology
Osteoporosis – clinical risk factors
Osteoporosis - diagnosis – DXA
Therapeutic options – curr ... See more

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