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Biologic treatments for cartilage and sports injuries

 Steven Sampson DO
Description: The Arthritis Epidemic! OA: Not just simple “bone on bone”, Many (1.5 million) with TKR in 50s & 60s, prone to revision and complications, Limited options. Subchondral Bone & Marrow Edema: Why Is Knee OA Painful? “A Disease of Bone”- “The presence or absence of joint space narrowing... was not significantly associated with knee pain”! A Systematic Review Found that Pain Is: Strongly related to large Bone Marrow edema/lesions (seen on fluid-sensitive, fat-suppressed sequences), Moderately related to synovitis & effusion, Weakly related to cartilage volume / thickness.
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Biologic Treatments for
Cartilage and Sports Injuries
Steven Sampson DO
Founder, The Orthohealing Center & The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI)
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA
Assistant Clinical Professor, Western University of Health Sciences
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Touro University of CA and NY

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