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PRP and Stem Cells Injection: Its Applications In Discopathy

 Andre Roy MD
Description: The standard of care for treating disc degeneration involves conservative non-surgical or surgical treatment that target symptomatic relief and musculoskeletal stabilization. Currently, there is no therapy targeting the reversal of disc degeneration. The use of regenerative therapies for treating disc herniation or degeneration is a new and attractive therapeutic option.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Therapy
Contributing Organization: CASEM
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PRP and Stem cells Injection :
Its applications in discopathy
Congrès conjoint AQMSE-ACMSE meeting 2017
Dr André Roy
Chef service de physiatrie du CHUM
Clinique de physiatrie et de médecine du sport de
Clinique Regen MD

• Partner of Regen MD, an orthopedic regenerative medicine clinic

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