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Early diagnosis of brain diseases

 Fabio Bianco PhD, Ennio Ongini PhD, Pietro Conti MD, Noemi Tonna PhD, Filippo Martinelli Boneschi
Description: Currently, diagnosis of brain diseases is carried out observing clinical symptoms, which occur when most of the neurodegeneration has already occurred. For example, Parkinson ‘s Disease symptoms (tremor) manifest when over 70% of dopaminergic neurons are dead (Parkinson Disease Foundation 2013). Before neuronal degeneration, there is a sustained inflammatory brain activity, which results in exacerbated neuroinflammation leading to cell death. The onset of this inflammatory reaction can occur even 10-15 years before the actual symptoms manifest (Lull et al Neurotherapeutics 2010).
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Domain: Medical
Category: Therapy
Contributing Organization: BRAINDTECH
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via liquid biopsy,
based on miRNA patterns
in microglial microvesicles

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