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Basic biochemical examination in endocrinology

 Zdislava Vanickova
Description: Hormones are endogenous substances produced by specializeded cells. Hormones types: Proteohormones and peptides, Steroid hormones, Low molecular weight hormones derived from modified amino acids, Prostanoids. DM definition: WHO 1985- Status characterized by chronic elevation of blood glucose, that could be connected with clinical syndromes and could lead to death without proper care. Insulin- Secretion increased: elevation of blood sugar, aminoacids, parasympaticus system action, glukagon, glucocorticoides, growth hormone, placental lactogen,estrogenes, gestagenes (during pregnancy).
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Domain: Medical
Category: Therapy
Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
Basic biochemical examination
in endocrinology
Zdislava Vaníčková

Diabetes mellitus
Endocrinology of reproduction


Hormones - definition
Hormones are endogenous substances produced by
specializeded cells


continuous (thyroid hormones)
with diurnal rhythm (cortisol)
with monatial rhythm (menstrual cycle hormones)
seasonal rhythm (parathormon)

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