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Alzheimer's Disease: Unraveling the Mystery

 Anne Brown Rodgers, Stacy Jannis
Description: “Never have I loved my husband of 41 years more than I do today....Though he may not know I’m his wife, he does know that my presence means his favorite foods and drinks are near at hand....I wonder why I can sit daily by his side as I play tapes, relate bits and pieces of news, hold his hand, tell him I love him. Yet I am content when I am with him, though I grieve for the loss of his smile, the sound of my name on his lips.” This excerpt from Lessons Learned: Shared Experiences in Coping, by participants of the Duke University Alzheimer Support Groups, gives a glimpse into what a person with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and a family caregiver might experience as the disease progresses. The gradual slipping away of mind and memory is frightening and frustrating, both for the person with the disease and for family and friends, and can elicit strong feelings of love, grief, anger, and exhaustion.
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Unraveling the Mystery
National Institute
on Aging


Unraveling the Mystery



ver the past few
decades, Alzheimer’s
disease (AD) has
emerged from
obscurity. Once considered a
rare disorder, it is now seen as
a major public health problem
that has a severe impact on
millions of older Americans
and their families. The National
Institute on A ... See more

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