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Future Developments in Dialysis: Focus on Innovation

 Ingrid Ledebo, Ph.D.
Description: According to a survey of nephrology professionals the most important component of dialysis for an innovation focus is vascular access followed by membrane and filter. They also said that the most important mode and/or application of dialysis for innovation was simplification for self use followed closely by frequency. What is the best dialysis treatment, today and in the future?
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Domain: Medical
Category: Therapy
Future development of dialysis
Focus on innovation
Brisbane Home HD workshop 2010

Ingrid Ledebo, Ph.D.
Gambro R&D
Lund, Sweden
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The survey was conducted at the following meetings:
• ERA/EDTA, Stockholm
2 963 responders
• EDTNA/ERCA, Prague
1 538 responders
• ASN, Philadelphia
618 responders
• other
238 responders
A total of 5 35 ... See more

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