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AAC tools and conversation quality in Alzheimer's patients

 M Fried-Oken, C Rowland, J Small, G Baker, D Schultz, C Mills, B Fuller, D Wilkins, B Oken
Description: Do AAC tools improve the quantity or quality of conversation by individuals with moderate Alzheimer's disease, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, A hypermedia reminiscence program designed and marketed in Scotland, for the UK, things to consider for each aid, What be will the result of symbol selection, Questions you should be asking by now, Lena's cooking board, Design for Current Study, Topic Management Strategy, Signal Track
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Domain: Medical
Category: Therapy
The Team

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Melanie Fried-Oken (PI; speech-language pathologist) Charity Rowland (PI; psychologist) Jeon S ll (RA; medical sociologist) J Small Glory Baker (RA; public health student) Darlene Schultz (RA; special education student) Carolyn Mills (RA; artist) Bret Fuller (Sta ... See more

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