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The Science of Addiction

 Elizabeth A. Conte, LPC, LCADC
Description: Addiction is a Brain Disease. Drugs change the brain-- they change its structure and how it works. These brain changes can be long lasting. Drugs of abuse produce their effects by altering brain chemistry. Neurotransmitters and associated receptors responsible for everyday functions are altered by the consumption of drugs. Some of the changes in neurotransmitter activity have a clear relationship to the “desired” effect.
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Drugs, Brain, Drugs Brain and Behavior � The Science of Addiction

Elizabeth A. Con nte, LPC, LCADC Licensed Profess sional Counselor Licensed Clinical Alco ohol & Drug Counselor Division of Add diction Services Elizabeth.Conte@ Eli b th C t @ @dhs.state.nj.us @dh t t j 609-94 43-5893

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What is Drug Addictio g on? Why do People take D Drugs? How do Drugs affect t Brain? th ... See more

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