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Pediatric Bone Health from Bench to Bedside

 Laura L Tosi MD
Description: Children’s National Medical Center, Division of Orthopedics, Bone Health Program Goal, Structure & protection, Primary storehouse for calcium, organ able to heal w/o scarring, Low energy fracture, Peak Bone Mass, Key Determinants of Bone Health in Children, What Makes Bone Strong, Bone Quality, Childhood forearm fractures, emergency medicine perspective, femur fracture, rickets, osteopenia, slight bowing, metaphysical fraying, Components of forearm fracture risk, Bone Health Clinic
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Domain: Medical
Category: Therapy
Pediatric Bone Health from Bench to Bedside
Laura L Tosi MD Director, Bone Health Program Division of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Children's National Medical Center

� Merck � research funding � KCI - consultant

Learning Objectives
� Recognize critical importance of enhancing "bone quality" across the life span. � Revi ... See more

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