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Medical Affairs role in an outcomes-focused world

 Elizabeth Coulton, James Crowley, Benjamin Rhee
Description: The healthcare industry is in the midst of massive change. Two primary trends are disrupting how scientific data and drug information are used and highlighting how the Medical Affairs workforce can be more valuable to healthcare delivery teams, from supporting administrators making policy decisions in boardrooms to supporting care teams making treatment decisions at the bedside.
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Domain: Medical
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Contributing Organization: Accenture
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Life Sciences
Rethink. Reshape. Restructure...
for better patient outcomes

Good science: The new
role of Medical Affairs in an
outcomes-focused world
Elizabeth Coulton, James Crowley
and Benjamin Rhee

For years, pharmaceutical companies have
deployed their Medical Affairs workforces
to help physicians improve patient care
through the safe and appropriate use
of drugs. While these resources are
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