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Life Sciences in Catalonia

Description: Pharmaceuticals are commercial enterprises that research, develop, produce and sell drugs and other medicines. These enterprises are typically large and deal both in branded and generic compounds.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Practice Mngmnt
Contributing Organization: ACCIÓ
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Life sciences in
April 2018

Sector Snapshot

Strategy and Competitive Intelligence Unit

Life sciences in Catalonia: Sector Snapshot

Government of Catalonia

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IOT Funding Opportunities - Horizon 2020

ACCIÓ has established collaboration agreements with different countries with an aim to foster technological cooperation. Among these countries are Israel, Germany, France, Canada.

10 April, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) in Catalonia

IoT is an essential driver of innovation. It is aimed at consumers, data-based business opportunities, transformation of industry, new applications.

09 January, 2019

ECRM Group

We believe that there is huge potential value in the relationship between a company, their clients and stakeholders.

23 October, 2018