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Measuring Harm

 Albert W Wu, MD, MPH
Description: Measuring Harm, Patient safety, medical errors for patients, measurement methods, Direct Observation, Methods, data collection, results key findings, cohort, clinical surveillance, Study setting, population, SSI classification, ross baker, population, patient safety research.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Practice Mngmnt
Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
Patient Safety Research Introductory Course

Session 3

Measuring Harm
� Albert W Wu, MD, MPH � Former Senior Adviser, WHO � Professor of Health Policy & Your Management, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg picture is also School of Public Health welcome � Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

Objectives and Overview
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Knowledge Strengthening for Patient Safety

Knowledge Strengthening for Patient Safety, Patient Safety Research, 4 Basic Methods of Collecting Data, Relative Utility of Methods to Measure Errors, Clinical Surveillance, Repor

01 December, 2010