Diabetes Tele-Education Programs

Diabetes Tele-Education Programs

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Description: This medical presentation is about Diabetes Tele-Education Programs. Virginia-Percentage of Adults (aged 18 years or older) with Diagnosed Diabetes, 1994–2010. Estimated Diabetes Prevalence in Virginia, 2010.

2009 Age-Adjusted Estimates of the Percentage of Adults†with Diagnosed Diabetes in Virginia. Virginia-Percentage of Adults(aged 18 years or older) with Diabetes. Ever Attending a Diabetes Self-Management Class, 2000–2010.

Virginia Hospitals With No ADA Recognized Programs In Progress. Rationale for Diabetes Tele-Education - Epidemic of diabetes statewide, It is estimated that only 60% of those who have diabetes in Virginia have had ANY education (BRFSS data), Shortage of diabetes educators and ADA recognized education programs in rural and underserved areas of the state, Lack of adequate reimbursement for diabetes patient education, Difficulty and expense of providing face-to-face professional education, Efficiency of using existing telemedicine equipment for education. Diabetes Tele-education Partners, 2012.

University of Virginia Diabetes Education and Management Program, University of Virginia Office of Telemedicine, Virginia Department of Health, Office of Minority, Health and Health Equity, Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA), Harry L. Coomes Recreation Center, Abingdon, VA. Comparison of Participation by Type of Site, 2008- 2012.

Number of Program Participants, 2008-2012 Total Number of Participants = 1610. Review of Accomplishments for 2012. Sites Partic ...Please navigate Paper pages for more details.

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Diabetes Tele-Education Programs
Virginia Center for Diabetes Professional Education
University of Virginia Health System
2008 - 2013

J. Terry Saunders, Ph.D.
Joyce Green Pastors, M.S., R.D., C.D.E.

Virginia - Percentage of Adults (aged 18 years
or older) with Diagnosed Diabetes, 1994 – 2010

Estimated Diabetes Prevalence in Virginia, 2010



Children, Adolescents