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The Power of Stem Cell Advocacy

 Angie Cleone
Description: Executive Summary; Our vision - – Supporting the development of stem cell therapies. Our mission - To develop an advocacy movement around our vision. Background information- Public Trust - Australian Tax Office (ATO) endorsed nonprofit. A global promotion for stem cells; What are we trying to achieve ? More Support for Research, More Education and Awareness, More Effective Communication, A Global Movement. Advocacy Action Plan, Where can For A Cure help? Facilitating the development of a global advocacy network, Closing the Gap between science and patients, A force to create awareness and education, Creating grass-roots support. Stem Cell Advocacy Ambassador Program; Global Collaboration Strategic Alliance International Co-branding. Cause related marketing campaigns , Community fundraising initiatives , Philanthropic donors and members , Corporate partnerships and sponsorships , Rewards and CSR programs , Workplace giving programs , Advertising and media campaigns , Celebrity endorsements. Good bye roller coaster.. hello Houston, The evolving For A Cure Foundation will include humanitarians, environmentalists, scientists, celebrities and think tanks to unite the people of the world as one.
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Contributing Organization: World Stem Cell Summit
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Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
The Power of
Stem Cell
December 6, 2013
Angie Cleone - Founding Chairman
For A Cure Foundation

History Profile
Angie Cleone Entrepreneur
– Stem Cell Advocate
– Cancer Survivor Feb 2006
− Founder 2008


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Executive Summary
Our vision

Social Investment

– Supporting the development of stem cell therapies.

Our mission
– To develop an advocac ... See more

The Power of Stem Cell Advocacy

Angie Cleone Entrepreneur for Stem Cell Advocate–Cancer Survivor Feb 2006−Founder 2008. Our vision–Supporting the development of stem cell therapies. Our mission– To develop

Angie Cleone
05 August, 2014