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Navigating the Storm of Health Reform

 Thomas L. Steele and Dr. Steve Traikovich
Description: Protecting Your Wealth and Practice. The leading economic indicators provide optimism that the economy is recovering. Government spending has provided liquidity and stimulus during the economic crisis. The health care bill is complex and challenging. It requires all US citizens and residents to have acceptable health insurance or pay a $695 annual penalty by 2014. The Federal Government pays 100% of costs for covering newly eligible individuals through 2016.
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1. Introduction of Event Partners. oduc o o e a es 2. Jeff Flake, US Congress. Topic: Health Care Reform and D.C. Update , , 3. Tom Steele, CFP CPA, Steele Larson Anderson. Topic: Protecting Your Wealth and Business 4. Dr. Steven Traikovich, DO, FAOCO. Topic: How to Thrive Amidst Health Care Reform

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Dr. Traikovich

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