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How to Facilitate Meaningful Health Care Reform

 Brian Klepper, PhD
Description: Premiums are the economic fuel of the industry and health plans are in trouble. Confidence in employer coverage is down employer coverage is threatened by the cost explosion. Premium has run 4.5x General Inflation, 3.5x Workers Earnings. Benefits have shrunk, while out-of-pocket costs have risen. Dependent subsidies have mostly gone away. Multiplier is now down from 2.2 to 1.8. Numbers of uninsured/underinsured rising fast, 600,000 new health care jobs since January 2008.
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First Coast Worksite Wellness

The First Coast Worksite Wellness Conference
Brian Klepper, PhD Principal Healthcare Performance, Inc. May 21, 2009

How Employers Can Facilitate Meaningful Health Care Reform
Brian Klepper, PhD Healthcare Performance, Inc. Page 1

First Coast Worksite Wellness

Don't Assume Health Care Can't Become Unstable

600,000 New Health Care Jobs Since January 2008 But Premi ... See more

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