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Cochlear Implants in Pediatric Patients

 Robert E. Hanyak, Au.D.
Description: There are 563,000 births per year in California, 270 birthing hospitals, 175 certified outpatient screeners, 75 audiology providers approved to see Infants: inconsistent quality of services. Infant screening tests include: Otoacoustic Emissions measurement of outer hair cell function in the cochlea Auditory Brainstem Response measurement of 10 the auditory nervous system to sound. Both tests dont require infants participation and can be performed while the infant is asleep or quiet.
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Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Cochlear Implants & Pediatric Aural Rehabilitation R h bilit ti
Robert E. Hanyak, Au.D. University of the Pacific
California Newborn Hearing Screening Program (NHSP) Goals:
<1 month � screened for hearing loss

< 3 months � identify infants with hearing loss < 6 months �early intervention services provided (amplific ... See more

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