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Medical Bionics: Engineering Interfaces to the Human Body

 Professor Rob Shepherd
Description: Implantable heart pacemakers and defibrillators and Neural prostheses market are examined. Spinal cord stimulation for chronic neurological pain is the largest neurostimulator market in the US. Cochlear implant (Bionic Ear), Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement disorders, Parkinsons Disease & Essential tremor, Functional Electrical Stimulation for gait & standing in paraplegia are also covered.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Implants
Medical Bionics: Engineering interfaces to the human body
Professor Rob Shepherd Director, Bionic Ear Institute Professor of Medical Bionics, The University of Melbourne

Implantable heart I l t bl h t pacemakers k & defibrillators
� US $13 billion pa industry � 15% growth pa

Neural prostheses N l th
� US $1.8 billion pa industry � 10-15% growth pa ... See more

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