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Roles of CE in Medical Device Development

 Hiroki Igeta, Jun Yoshioka, Yoichi Sugiura, Keiko Fukuta, Yasushi Makka, Tadayuki Kawasaki
Description: Strict regulatory and time-consuming approval process:- Seeds or academic oriented development Lack of human resources in project management Central and local governments are implementing a variety of aggressive measures and taking strong actions. The difficulty of fundraising: Variety of public subsidies Increasing public and private financing institutions. Seeds or academic oriented development: Some movement of shifting to needs oriented development.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Implants
Contributing Organization: WHO
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Third WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices

Roles of CE
in Medical Device Development
Hiroki IGETA1) 2), Jun YOSHIOKA1), Yoichi SUGIURA1),
Keiko FUKUTA1), Yasushi MAKKA1), Tadayuki KAWASAKI1)
Japan Association for Clinical Engineers (JACE) 1)
Aso Iizuka Hospital 2)

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