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Dental Trauma and Child Abuse

 Dr. Suhad al-Jundi
Description: Traumatic Dental Injuries(TDI), Causes of TDI, General principles of prevention of TDI, High Risk Individuals for TDI, Raise Pubic Awareness, Protective Devices, Mouth-formed Mouth Guards, Custom Mouthguards, Custom Mouthguards Criteria for Proper Action, Custom Mouthguards Fabrication, Positive Pressure Machines, Sports and Mouthguards.
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Dr. Suhad al-Jundi

Traumatic dental injuries (TDI)
TDIs are very common and currently considered a public health problem all over the world In Jordan studies showed that TDI affect % of year old children

Causes of TDI
Most commonly reported causes of TDI include:
Falls Collision Contact sports Road traffic accidents Child abuse

Recently human behavior and environmental factors have been imple ... See more

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