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Hematopoiesis: Stem Cells

 Evan Ingley PhD
Description: Niche cells (green) underlying a basement membrane signal to stem cells (red) to block differentiation and regulate division. When a lineage mechanism prevails (lower mitotic cell), the stem cell divides such that one daughter retains its connections to the niche, while the other (yellow) becomes untethered and begins to differentiate.
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LithoVision 2018
Hematopoiesis: Stem Cells

Dr. Evan Ingley

• Hematopoiesis - development from stem cell
• Definitions / type / identification of stem cells
• The stem cell environment - isolation culture
• HSC self renewal
• HSC signaling pathways - gene expression
• HSC during development
• Cancer and the HSC
• HSC plasticity ... See more

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