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The Role of Panitumumab on Redox Status of Colon Cancer Cell Lines

 E. Giannopoulou, K Floratou and H.P. Kalofonos
Description: The FDA granted approval to panitumumab for the treatment of patients with EGFR-expressing, metastatic colorectal carcinoma with disease progression on or following fluoropyrimidine-, oxaliplatin-, & irrinotecan- containing chemotherapy regimens. Panitumumab is a human IgG2 monoclonal antibody that binds to EGFR and inhibits its phosphorylation & therefore its signaling pathway activation. Colorectal cancer is the 4th most prevalent carcinoma in Western society and the 2nd cause of cancer death.
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The possible role of panitumumab on redox status of colon cancer cell lines DLD-1 and HT-29
E. Giannopoulou, K Floratou and H.P. Kalofonos

Clinical Oncology Laboratory, Division of Oncology, Department of Medicine, University of Patras, Patras, Rio, 26504

�On September 27, 2006, the FDA granted approval to
panitumumab (VectibixTM, Amgen, Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA) for the treatment of ... See more

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