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Trends in the Pharmaceutical industry

Description: We anticipate four general scenarios for the pharma industry 2020. The pharmaceutical industry will continue to strive to success, focusing on patients throughout an open-minded system. We believe that a combination of the first three “step change” business models is best suited to guide the ambition of an ideal competitor in the “Greatest challenge of change” scenario
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Domain: Medical
Category: Biotech/Pharma
Contributing Organization: I.P.C
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Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
Trends  in  the  pharmaceutical  industry

Presentation  to  I3H  ULB  


Hystorical  evolution  o f  value  added – Economic  /  market

Pharma  companies  had  several  periods  and  adapted  the  value  creation  model
The  great  success  of &nb ... See more

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