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Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology R&D: Technological Performance Implications

 Jongwook Kim
Description: Why biotechnology alliances?:- It is difficult to measure alliance performance, particularly in R&D alliances. Biotechnology alliances provides an empirical context where a fairly objective indicator of alliance performance exists: Because of FDA regulations, information about intermediate stages in drug development are made public.Biotechnology industry:- Small biotechnology R&D firms usually have capabilities in product R&D activities (upstream activities). Larger pharmaceutical firms (and some established biotechnology firms) supply capabilities in commercialization activities (downstream activities, i.e., manage the regulatory process, large-scale manufacturing, marketing & distribution, etc.).
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Domain: Medical
Category: Biotech/Pharma
Contributing Organization: KLIC
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Pharmaceutical-Biotechnology R&D:
Technological Performance Implications

Western Washington University
College of Business and Economics

Introduction: Research question

How do different governance mechanisms – both formal
and informal – impact alliance performance?

How do formal governance mechanisms that seek to
mitigate informat ... See more

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