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Overview of AstraZeneca

Description: World leading products in 6 disease areas: cardiovascular,inflammation & respiratory; oncology; neuroscience; infection; gastro-intestinal. Breakthrough innovation – beta-blockers, tamoxifen, PPI. Major brands such as Nexium, Seroquel, Crestor, Arimidex, and Symbicort. Details of the studies and designs of their products, their benefits and implications.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Biotech/Pharma
General Presentation
Nov 2008

About AstraZeneca
World leading products in 6 disease areas: cardiovascular, inflammation & respiratory; oncology; neuroscience; infection; gastro-intestinal 11 drugs with annual sales >$1bn (MAT 3Q 08) Over 66,000 employees worldwide
Around 13,000 people dedicated to discovering and developing new medicines 24 manufacturing sites in 18 countries Extensive sales & m ... See more

Strategy Update 2010+

Astra Zeneca General Presentation, 2010 Q1 Summary, Strategy Update & Planning Assumptions 2010+ , Sales evolution: 1999-2009, Strong financial performance 1999-2009, Strong cash g

31 August, 2010