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TTYBiopharm Company Overview

 Ralf Linker, Fred Lublin, Frederike Barkhof, Cai Qingbiao
Description: The only PIC/S GMP certified manufacture sites for high potency oncology, 2008/2013/2016 EMA, 2010/2014 Japan, 2013/2016 US FDA, 2013 Brazil,Australia. High standard Validation of. Equipment qualification/ Laboratory instruments qualification/ HVAC system/ Water system/ Compressed air system/ Nitrogen system/ Cleaning/ Analytical method/ Process/ Computer/ Logistic.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Biotech/Pharma
Contributing Organization: TTY Biopharm
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May, 2017

2016- NTD 3.80 Billion, USD 117 Million
(March, 2017)

TTY Biopharm is a global leader in Super-Generic Drugs and
novel specialty/ bio-drug development with strong growth
potentials (targeting for 20% sales CAGR in 2014-19).
TTY is Taiwan’s largest biotechnology conglomerate with the
most completed biotechnology products pi ... See more

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