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Useful Pharmacokinetic Equations

 Department of Pharmaceutics
Description: Useful Pharmacokinetic Equations including: General, Intravenous bolus, Oral administration, Constant rate infusion, Short-term infusion, Two-Compartment-Body Model, Metabolic and Renal Clearance, Ideal Body Weight, Volume of Distribution, and more.
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Domain: Medical
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Useful Pharmacokinetic Equations
D = dose = dosing interval CL = clearance Vd = volume of distribution ke = elimination rate constant ka = absorption rate constant F = fraction absorbed (bioavailability) K0 = infusion rate T = duration of infusion C = plasma concentration Trough (multiple dose) C e- k e C min = 0 - k 1- e e



Average concentration (steady state) D Cp ss = CL

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