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Non-Animal Approaches The Way Forward

 European Commission
Description: Non-Animal Approaches The Way Forward.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Biotech/Pharma
Contributing Organization: European Commission
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Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
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• Citizens’ concerns should be considered
• How to ensure ethical concerns are harnessed to drive change?
• Don’t separate “Non-animal” and “animal” approaches – they are
• Avoid overstating results
• Need integrity on both sides of the debate
• We can all identify something to work on
• Funders, ... See more
27 February, 2018
31 January, 2018

Research Challenges in Cloud Computing

Nowadays, virtual machines and Cloud storage are largely spreading in big data centers. However, the network remains relatively stagnant. Software-defined network (SDN) is becoming

13 May, 2017