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India's Pharmaceutical Industry: R&D, Manufacturing, & Marketing Opportunities

 Anil Kumar
Description: Covers India’s position in the world’s Pharma market – especially in generics. The size of Indian Pharmaceutical industry & % of Indias GDP, domestic market size, & export share of generics Pharma sector revenues. India’s per capita annual spend on Pharma products – world ranking. India’s nascent Biotech industry – size and share of the global market. Major Players. Attractiveness as a global sourcing destination for Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Bio-informatics, Biopharma, Bio-agri, Bio-services
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Category: Biotech/Pharma
Investment Opportunities in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

June 2006
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Market Snapshot
India occupies a significant position in the world Pharma market � especially in generics 8% by volume (4th largest in the world) 1.5% by value (13th largest) The size of Indian Pharmaceutical industry is ... See more

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