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Quality Assurance in Medicines

 Anastasiya Sladkova PhD, Natalya Loginova PhD
Description: Main tasks of supervision over conditions of commercial production, pharmacy manufacture, sale, storage, transportation and medical use in health care organisations of MP are prevention of coming into circulation and timely withdrawal from circulation of LOW-GRADE and COUNTERFEIT MP, their destruction or return to the manufacturer or the supplier in order to provide the population and public health organisations with safe, efficient and quality MP.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Biotech/Pharma
Drug Chemistry and Technology Basics,
Cleaner Production and Mega-Trends in Pharmaceutical Industry

Quality Assurance in Medicines

Dr. As. Prof. Anastasiya Sladkova
Dr. Sci. Prof. Natalya Loginova


1. Are there any differences between counterfeit drugs and
substandard drugs? Which type is more dangerous in your
2. Define counterfeit medicine and discuss how it can be
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Trends in Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry developed a number of medicines and antiretroviral drugs against Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), such as tenofovir, atazanavir, AZT, which c

17 April, 2017