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RAAS Hormones, Cardio-Vasular Remodeling, and Aldosterone Antagonists

 Claude Delcayre
Description: Hormones du SRAA et remodelage cardio-vasculaire, RAAS hormones and cardio-vascular remodeling, Cardiac remodeling, Heart failure is a serious disease, Inter-relations between triggers of HF, Le remodelage cardiaque, Signal-transduction pathways of cardiac hypertrophy, The changes of myosin, Structural alterations in heart failure.
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Hormones du SRAA et remodelage cardio-vasculaire.
Claude Delcayre
U942 INSERM Hop Lariboisi�re

RAAS hormones and cardio-vascular remodeling
� When and why is there a remodeling in CV system? � Why are RAAS hormones involved in this process? � What are the effects of RAAS hormones? � Which interest to block RAAS in HF, in HTN, in DN?

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