Postpolio Respiration and Sleep

Postpolio Respiration and Sleep

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Description: Postpolio, Tank ventilator Iron lung NPV, Lundia ventilator BH 1952, Pulsula portable ventilator 1960, Polysomnography Sleep study, Hypnogramme, Hypnogrammein OSA/SDB, Survivalin HMV.

Author: Michael Laub, MD (Fellow) | Visits: 1629 | Page Views: 3166
Domain:  Medicine Category: Biotech/Pharma Subcategory: R&D 
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Michael Laub, MD, PhD, DMedSc Respiratory Centre East

Postpolio, respiration and sleep



Blegdams Hospital - Copenhagen September 1952

Tank ventilator � Iron lung NPV

Los Angeles ca. 1951

Lundia ventilator BH 1952

Pulsula portable ventilator 1960

New machines

Changes in patterns in patients on home mechanical ventilation

Laub et al. Respiratory Medicine (2004) 98, 38�42

Polysomnography - Sleep study

Hypnogramme � as it should be

Hypnogramme in OSA/SDB

Routine, psychology, time, patient work

Survival in HMV
Probability to survive in 1526 adult patients after starting HMV

Laub and Midgren. Respiratory Medicine (2007) 101, 1074�1078

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