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 Josh Knoll
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PriorAuth Online has been a pioneer in the field of prior authorization for the longest time in the industry. We enjoy an enviable clientele of some of the best names in the field of medical service providers like DMEs, Orthotic and Prosthetic, Radiology, Pharmacy, Nursing Home, Dermatology etc. Our pre auth services are marked with certain exclusive features which make our clients happy and satisfied with our prior authorization practice profile as evident in our stunning record of 100% client satisfaction and zero attrition rate over the years.

Many Reasons Why Our Clients Prefer Our Prior Authorization Services

  • 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance
  • A complete range of all-encompassing pre-auth services
  • Turnaround time less than 48 hours
  • Low service fees with no hidden cost
  • Zero lock up service contract with clients which can be canceled at any time
  • Lots of outstanding references by clients across the states
  • Real-time audit and custom reporting
  • Excellent visibility and proven expertise
  • Guaranteed reduction of operational cost by 70%
  • Prompt service with a consistent accuracy rate of 99.9%
  • Experience of service large medical organizations in the market
  • Increase in current rate of completed requests by 1.5 to 2x
  • An exclusive experience in providing pre-certification

We provide a threefold system of prior authorization including prior auth initiation, prior auth follow and finally acknowledgment updation apart from offering multiple solutions to various prior auth challenges. With the recent launching of the CMS mobile application called ‘Whats covered,’ it is further convenient for users and clients to know the items that are insurance authorized under Medicare, thus making prior authorization even more accessible.

Contact information:

Ronnie Hastings
Director of Business Development at Sunknowledge
Phone: +1 646-661-7853
Fax: +1 212-924-3473


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