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 Michael Knoll

DME or the Durable Medical Equipment is the fastest growing medical service sector in the US, billing for which has been professionally mastered by Sunknowledge Services Inc, as a ruling medical billing and revenue cycle management company. DME includes medical goods meant for external application primarily, prescribed by physicians for domestic use. Items like braces, crutches, special bandages etc all fall under this category, with special emphasis on prosthetics and orthotics.

DME Billing Services

Prosthetics are material made to change one’s external appearance while orthotics are outer equipment meant to reduce neuromuscular pain. Both comprise essential components of the DME billing market along with CPAP machines. Sunknowledge has maintained a stellar clientele of more than a 100 hundred DME companies with its top notch services and uncompromised quality.

Quoting Dr. Dipak Nandi, Chairman of Sunknowledge Services Inc "We are a next-gen DME billing company that reduces your billing expenses by 70% with a collection increase of 97%. Sunknowledge Services Inc performs task-specific activities in eligibility verification and authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery. We also offer the best rates in the industry and at just $8 per hour, we help you with a standalone / end to end DME billing action plan".

DME billing services of Sunknowledge include customized end to end and/or standalone provision for Order Entry, Eligibility Check, Doctor Office Correspondence, Order Confirmation and Delivery Sheet, Claims Processing, Claims Submission & Rejections, Cash Posting, A/R Follow-up and Rejection & Denial Management.

Contact information:

Ronnie Hastings

Director of Business Development at Sunknowledge

Phone: +1 646-661-7853

Fax: +1 212-924-3473


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