Dr. Rajesh Sharma Successful Treated Pakistani Boy for Rare Heart Disease at Jaypee Hospital Noida

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A three year old Pakistani boy Mohammed Bilal who was suffering from a congenital disorder, a rare heart disease has been successfully treated by Dr. Rajesh Sharma of Jaypee Hospital, Noida. This case follows another one at Jaypee Hospital, Noida that was recently acclaimed for treating another Pakistani child, four month old Rohaan, who was also suffering from a rare congenital heart disease. Dr. Rajesh Sharma is a pediatric cardiac surgeon who said that Mohammed Bilal had come in with a rare cardiac disorder which is found in one among two lakhs children.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma Successful Treated Pakistani Boy for Rare Heart Disease at Jaypee Hospital

Critical Surgery at Jaypee Hospital Noida by Dr. Rajesh Sharma

Dr. Rajesh Sharma stated that there are two chambers on both the sides of the human heart and both of the chambers are of same size. However, in case of Mohammed Bilal the muscles on his right chamber have become weak and got enlarged. Due to increased size of the right chamber, pressure was built up on the left chamber of his heart due to which the child’s heart was not functioning properly. Also the pumped blood was unable to reach the child’s lungs which resulted in high risk to his life.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma Successful Treated Prolonged Illness of Pakistani Boy

According to the Dr. Rajesh Sharma, the boy was treated with the Fontan procedure and the right ventricle exclusion from the circulation method. Under this procedure, the entire blue blood of the child’s body is directly pumped into his lungs through a tube while the right chamber of the heart is being removed. This critical surgery took around five hours. As per a release issued by the hospital, “Due to prolonged illness, the child had become quite weak and hence he was kept on a ventilator support for four days after the surgery.” He was given a high calorie, high protein and vitamin diet through a feeding tube for speedy recovery.

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