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As the New Year arrives, people are identifying areas they would like to change and improve so goals can be made. Common areas for New Year’s resolutions include personal improvement, with physical and weight loss goals topping the lists. However, this year make your mental health a priority. When you are mentally and emotionally healthy, your physical health also improves. In the past, goals made only with exercise and dieting overlooked the role your mental health plays in your physical health and weight. If you are not mentally healthy and sound, then your valiant attempts at weight loss and improved physical health may not work. This can lead to frustration an you might give up on the goal because you are not getting the gains you are hoping for.

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The beginning of the year is a great time to set a goal because people are motivated for the New Year. However, the motivation is quickly lost when tasks in the new year pile up, combined with ongoing or unfinished ones from the year(s) before. Just as in the previous years, time becomes a limiting factor in continuing to meet your goals.

Mindset Therapy, PLLC, is a telepsychology service that is a solution to your goal of improved mental health in the New Year while being a good manager of your time. Dr. Mayfield, owner of Mindset Therapy and a licensed online psychologist in Texas, explains that Mindset Therapy provides mental health services over the internet. You can call in to your appointment from the location most convenient for you, such as your home or office. This removes the travel time to/from the appointment and gives you time back in your day. Your psychologist makes virtual house calls to help you achieve your goal of improved mental health in the New Year.

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About Mindset Therapy PLLC

Mindset Therapy PLLC is the future of mental health treatment; leading the telepsychology revolution with execution of mental health services via video teleconferencing and providing technology driven mental health treatment that reaches the patient at the time and location of their choice. Mindset Therapy provides mental health treatment in Texas by a licensed psychologist to any eligible adult in the state of Texas.Mindset Therapy is headquartered in Houston, TX and owned by Dr. Emily Mayfield.Dr. Mayfield is a licensed psychologist, a veteran of the United States Air Force, and a Cherokee Nation citizen.

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