Seeing a Therapist for Anxiety Treatment in Texas

 Harry Martin
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When making the decision to see a therapist, you have made the decision to put yourself first, which is needed at times. When you are worn out and focused on others, you become less effective in your everyday tasks. Identifying areas of stress, anxiety, or depression and working on treatment techniques with a qualified professional can lead to increased efficiency and regaining some of your energy and focus back.

Dr. Mayfield, owner of Mindset Therapy, states people may not seek treatment because they have friends and family they talk to about their problems and aren’t aware the value a licensed therapist could provide. Dr. Mayfield is a psychologist who has been trained in the application of various treatment techniques for specific mental health symptoms and conditions. When you attend treatment with a psychologist, your specific symptoms will be targeted, resulting in lasting changes in only a few short months of active involvement in the treatment process.

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In addition to utilizing specific treatments to target your symptoms, a therapist also serves as someone who is unbiased. They are there to listen without judgment and the entire appointment is devoted to you. You can talk about your problems without guilt or needing to please. When you speak with a therapist, you also develop insight into your situation due to the value in talking out loud. Your therapist can ask questions to assist you in looking at your situation differently, which might relieve stress on its own. When you find a therapist that listens to you, and pushes you to think differently about your problem, an environment of safety and trust is developed. When looking for anxiety treatment in Texas, or treatment for other mental health symptoms, contact Mindset Therapy today to learn the value in treatment from a licensed professional.

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About Mindset Therapy PLLC

Mindset Therapy, PLLC is the future of mental health treatment; leading the telepsychology revolution with execution of mental health services via video teleconferencing and providing technology driven mental health treatment that reaches the patient at the time and location of their choice. Mindset Therapy provides mental health treatment by a licensed online psychologist in Texas. Mindset Therapy is headquartered in Houston, TX and owned by Dr. Emily Mayfield. Dr. Mayfield is a licensed psychologist, a veteran of the United States Air Force, and a Cherokee Nation citizen.

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