Bone Marrow Transplant Surgery: A way to rectify Leukemia, Thalassemia, or Sickle Cell Anaemia

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Bone marrow is the soft, spongy tissue inside human bones that makes blood cells. Bone marrow is the stem cell of all kind of blood cells. There are certain common medical conditions in which bone marrow can be diseased and needs transplantation. Some of the common reasons that can be cured by bone marrow transplantation are Leukemia or blood cancer, Lymphoma or lymph system cancer, Multiple myelomas, Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Anaemia, Aplastic Anaemia, etc.

Bone marrow transplantation is also known as hematopoietic cell transplant. This is a surgical procedure of transplanting the bone marrow from a donor or artificially regenerated blood stem cells from a patient’s own blood-forming stem cells. In such cases, stem cells can be harvested, or grown, before the Chemotherapy or Radiation treatment is initiated. Those healthy cells are then stored and used during transplantation.

A bone marrow transplant in India can be done in three ways: Frist is Autologous transplant, which uses your own blood-forming cells; second is Allogeneic transplant, which uses blood-forming cells donated by someone else, and third is Haploidentical transplant, this a special type of allogeneic transplant.

In the last few years, India has become a medical tourism destination of Bone Marrow Transplant by Top Doctors in India. A number of Top Bone Marrow Transplant Surgeons in India offers world-class treatment facilities through their immense knowledge, excellent skills, and huge experience in this field. Along with world-class treatment quality, India offers other facilities, like accommodation, visa, rejuvenation, rehab facilities, etc. at a very affordable price compared to other developed countries.

About India Organ Transplant Hospitals: India Organ Transplant Hospitals has a network of best hospitals across India specialized in low-cost Bone Marrow Transplant. Each of their hospitals is equipped with best in class treatment facilities, infrastructure, latest technology, and Top Bone Marrow Transplant Surgeons in India so that one can have the best quality treatment experience during their stay here in India. They are known for offering different organ transplant surgeries to patients around the world, such as liver, kidney, lung, heart, eye, and bone marrow. They are famous for offering tailor-made treatment packages to international patients to suit their needs and provide them with excellent health tourism experience in India. Hundreds of patients have benefited from their low-cost Bone Marrow Transplant in India over the last few years and they have an impressive portfolio of success stories.

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