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 Ankita Mathur

Infertility can cause a great hindrance to couples who are planning to have babies. This is not an uncommon problem and is estimated that one in every seven couples face some sort of infertility problem. Infertility issues can be both with men and women, but thanks to medical science, a lot of treatment options are available these days. IUI is one of the common infertility treatments that many couples opt for. However, the cost of IUI treatment is a very expensive affair in any western countries. That is why many couples opt for IUI treatment in India. there are some of the best fertility hospitals across the country that use the latest techniques and facilities in IUI treatment.

IUI or intrauterine insemination is a popular infertility treatment. In this process, the male sperm is inserted in the female uterus. The process is done by inserting a fine tube through the cervix. The process is timed with the female ovulation time so that there is a high chance of fertilization. To assist the procedure, medication is also administered that can help boost ovulation. The success rate of this procedure depends greatly on the condition of the fallopian tubes. A healthy fallopian tube is very important for the eggs to travel from the ovary to the uterus. Fertilization happens if the process is successful. Women who are looking for donor sperms to get pregnant should opt for IUI treatment. Many healthy babies are born globally through IUI every day.

Infertility treatment success rate depends on many factors like the general health condition, age, the skill of the doctor, lifestyle etc. while the success rate is higher in women under age of 35 years, the success rate decreases with the increase in age.

Infertility treatment success rate in India is quite impressive – thanks to some of the best infertility research centers and hospitals across the country.

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