Telemedicine The Future of Healthcare and Best Prior Authorization Services

 John Carter
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Medical treatment and healthcare have come a long way over the years. The usual concept of “modern methods” has been left behind to reach for futuristic solutions. This voyage has found its shore in Telemedicine. What is Telemedicine? If I say, Telemedicine is the future of healthcare; it will not be enough if it is not explained in brief at least. Telemedicine has been achieved by combining the two most significant inventions of the new age - telecommunication and information technology. The successful combination of these two to leverage clinical health care from a remote location is what Telemedicine is all about. In some parts of the world, it is also referred as eHealth.

Imagine a situation you are traveling in some remote area and suddenly all ill. You have no proper help to fall for nearby. However, you have a laptop and your internet connection running. You can call, consult, and take the suggestion from a doctor, and take necessary steps to overcome the crisis. Telemedicine can be broadly categorized into several disciplines. Some of those are:

Store and Forward:

Store-and-forward type of telemedicine involves collecting medical data and then the data gets transmitted to a medical specialist for his/her assessment done at a convenient time and offline.

Real-Time Interactive:

A type which can be well explained with the example of video conferencing. This interactive telemedicine services provide real-time interactions between providers and patients and used in all sorts of clinical disciplines like diagnosis, counseling, bill management, etc.

Remote Monitoring:

This involves self-monitoring or testing and enables medical professionals in monitoring patients remotely using various technological devices. Patients can get their medical consultancy solutions sting at the comfort of their homes.

Other than these, there are telenursing, telepharmacy, emergency services, etc.

The best prior authorization services of the medical world are also not sitting back and let go the opportunity. For example take the example of PriorAuth ONLINE – a division of Sun knowledge, which is among the leaders in medical BPO and KPO services. It is recognized as one of the top 20 connected health solution providers 2017, and among the best prior authorization service provider, PriorAuth ONLINE has opened a door to induct providers into the world of Telemedicine. Their proprietary 100% HIPAA compliant web-based service featuring HD video conferencing, secured Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system with appointment scheduler, Co-pay processing system, etc. is already moving stereotypes in telemedicine. Now they are offering an absolutely free Telemedicine platform for clients who sign with them to avail the RCM service. This seems a wow offer for potential clients and the surely they are making a beeline to knock their doors.

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