PriorAuth ONLINE takes Prior Authorization Services to the Future with Telemedicine

 John Carter
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Healthcare has stepped into the future. Going beyond the usual modes of medical treatment, Telemedicine has arrived. Seen as a stepping stone to futuristic solutions, Telemedicine has successfully combined the two most significant inventions of this age - telecommunication and information technology. Telemedicine has leveraged this combination for clinical health care from a remote location. Sometimes also referred as eHealth, Telemedicine is aiming to fill the gaps in treatment from a remote location like doctor on live call, radio assists, etc. Recently, PriorAuth ONLINE, the online prior auth platform of Sun Knowledge has brought together prior authorizations and telemedicine in an attempt to ease the healthcare process further.

So how exactly do Telemedicine works? It is perfect for a situation, where a patient has fallen ill and no proper medical help is available. Just using a laptop and an active internet connection, the patient can call, consult, and take a suggestion from a doctor, and take the required steps to overcome the crisis. This is just an example of several ways Telemedicine can help. Some other ways or types can be:

Store and Forward:

The Store-and-forward type involves the collection of medical data and the subsequent transmission of the data to a medical specialist for offline assessment performed at a convenient time.

Real-Time Interactive:

Think video conferencing and real-time interactive Telemedicine is half explained. This type is all about assisting real-time interactions between providers and patients. It comes as a great aid in all sorts of clinical disciplines like diagnosis, counseling, bill management, etc.

Remote Monitoring:

This type is about patient-physician coordination where the patient self-monitors or self-tests and medical professionals monitor and consult the patient based on the tests, remotely using various technological devices. Patients get their medical solutions sitting in the comfort of their homes. There are other types of telenursing, telepharmacy, emergency services, etc.

Prior Authorizations as we know is an integral part of the healthcare discipline. PriorAuth ONLINE has recognized the need to streamline the complete process of remote medical treatment and has decided to welcome prior authorization into the system. To create awareness and help the medical fraternity to get the best of Telemedicine, it is offering a Telemedicine platform for free for clients who sign with them to avail the Revenue Cycle Management service. With these offers, they are hoping to bring a new dawn in the medical and healthcare world.

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