Dr. Mohamed Rela pioneer liver transplant surgeon in India holds the world record for 5 days old baby liver transplant

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It been two decades before when the lady called Baebhen Schutkke from the UK was a cute little baby but with a rare genetic disorder that seemed poisoning her liver. The parents of this little cute baby were worried and were unable to fix the problem despite being checked with the top doctors. Amidst all the disappointment, the helpless parents were seen approaching the Indian origin doctor called Dr. Mohamed Rela. He was a competent transplant surgeon who treated the baby to come out from this ailment walking free from the hospital in the arms of her parents. It was in 1997 when this episode has been witnessed in the busy city of the UK called London. The treatment seemed nothing but a magic to the baby and the ailing parents who still call a dream come true thing for them and the doctor was seen setting up a world record that still remains tall today.

The lady was mere five days old and she was reported with the rare genetic disease. She was on the brink of death when Dr. Mohamed Rela appeared in the scene with his magical wand. The parents had already lost two of their kids earlier with similar medical conditions. They are disappointed for losing another child in three years but then Dr. M Rela had some other ideas to save the life. He got a matching donor liver that was luckily available right then. Hence the doctor took the clinical decision to make his youngest patient to come out from this ailment with a liver transplant. It was nothing but a micro-surgery for a five days old baby that made headlines all over the world. But his success made a bigger news than what his attempt was made in the media. Now after two long decades the lady is hale and hearty and still thankful to the doctor for carrying out the historical surgery.

Dr. Mohamed Rela is a known transplant surgeon who is known to have decades of experience. He has carried out hundreds of liver transplant in his career sprawling to around 3 decades. However, when asked about this surgery carried out in 1997, he says that he will never forget the same. He said that he barely had time and hence the decision taken in a spur of the moment luckily helped him to give a new life to an ailing five days old baby who are all set to leave this world due to the rare disease. Currently we find Dr. Mohamed Rela working as a Head and Chief Surgeon at the Department of HPB & Liver Transplant Surgery at the known hospital called Global Hospitals in Chennai. In his career of 3 decades, he has carried out around 3000 liver transplant surgeries. He is known for his expertise on liver transplantation apart from the surgery called Hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB). His surgery carried out for a five day old baby in the UK has made his name to get into the Guinness Book of Records in the year 2000. The doctor was present at the King’s College of Medical Sciences when he came across this case, which changed his life and gave a boost to his career becoming an ace liver transplant surgeon in the UK. He returned to India to serve the countrymen along with the global patients who seems to be in rise with the escalation of medical tourism industry in India.

He still remembers this case and have the chance of meeting the young girl twice in the last two decades when she was treated by the doctor. She is hale and hearty and still oblige to the doctor who has given life to her especially when her elder two brothers have lost their lives. She is a student of law and all set to start her career and new life.

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