Ayurvedic massage course- Vata, Pitta, Kapha & Prakruti

 Dr Sandeep Madaan

The Ayurvedic massage, an integral part of Ayurvedic Medicine, is the Indian treatment for excellence that aims to promote good circulation of vital fluids to keep your body and mind in good health, to detoxify, purify, and balance the energy centers and the psychological well-being body.

The most common Ayurveda courses in Delhi involves using hands by touching, kneading and traditional Indian massage techniques, using herbal teas, enhanced with herbal and flower blends, massaged on the affected body parts. The style, the intensity of massage and the choice of essential oils depend on the individual's need in terms of well-being and balance.


In India, Ayurveda (literally "science of life") has for millennia been a philosophy, a medicine, a lifestyle deeply rooted in Indian life. According to Ayurvedic Medicine, a person's health is determined by the balance of the three Dosha, or dynamic energies, which are Vata Pitta Kapha.

The Dosha Vata is linked to spiritual and energy plan, the Dosha Pitta the factor that generates heat and Dosha Kapha the stabilizing factor. The psycho-physical constitution of every man (called prakruti) is determined by the proportion with which the 3 Dosha manifest themselves.


The prevalence of one or more Dosha and their proportions in the constitution of every man determines trends towards specific qualities, physical and psychological, and propensity towards certain manifestations of imbalance and disturbance.

Identifying the person's prakruti is, therefore, crucial in establishing the characteristics of Ayurvedic massage to be performed in order to balance the Dosha and restore well-being.


The ayurveda courses in Delhi organized by the Astha Ayurveda School aims to convey the theoretical and practical skills needed to perform traditional ayurvedic treatment. After understanding the three types of bodily constituents in Vata Pitta Kapha, the trainee will learn the different handhelds of the massage to be performed with the hands, based on the receiver's constitution.

The course was designed to study the basics of ayurvedic philosophy, how the disease in the human body is born to what causes it, including the description of intervention methods.

The Ayurvedic massage course leaves ample room for the practical part where examples and exercises will be made to bring the student into perfect mastery and enrich the professional ability to deal with Ayurvedic basic treatment, its manual and operational sensitivity. At the end of the course, the practitioner will be able to practice complete Ayurvedic treatment of 50/60 minutes.

About the company:

Astha Ayurveda offers diet plan, treatment and consultations for several life style disorders. The learning school also offers various Ayurveda learning courses and diploma for beginners and learners.

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