Healthcare IT Consulting : Cloud Consulting creates Business Opportunities in Small Rural Hospitals

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- Driving Force :

A number of factors such as growing digitization in healthcare, rapidly changing HCIT landscape, government support for healthcare IT solutions, growing HCIT expenditure, lack of skilled IT professionals in the healthcare industry, growing venture capital investments in health IT, and the need for data security are driving the growth of healthcare IT consulting market. On the other hand, end-user concerns regarding the confidentiality are restraining the growth of this market.

Market Drivers

- Growing Digitization in Healthcare

- Electronic Medical Records (EMRS)

- Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

- Electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE)

- Population Health Management (PHM)

Changes in the HCIT Landscape

- Increasing Stringency of Regulations

- Technological Evolution

- Government Support for Healthcare IT Solutions

- Growing HCIT Expenditure

- Lack of Skilled IT Professionals in Healthcare

- Growing Venture Capital Investments in Health IT

- Rising Need for Data Security


- Concerns Regarding Data Confidentiality


- Cloud Consulting

- Potential for Healthcare IT Consultants in Emerging Markets

- Increasing Consolidation in the Healthcare Industry

- Opportunities in Small Rural Hospitals

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