RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “Global Biotech API Market Analysis” to its report gallery. Biotech APIs contribute a very low share in the global API market with synthetic API’s accounting for majority of the formulations. However, with the revolutionary growth in the biopharmaceutical industry and gaining applications of biotech drugs, biotech API’s are sure to see a highly prospective market in the future.

As per our report, “Global Biotech API Market Analysis”, the focus of global pharmaceutical and biotech industry participants is shifting towards cost-effective and quality-driven destinations, such as India and China. These countries provide cheap labor, high productivity, low-investment to set-up plant, and good profit margins, among others. In addition, there is a set of regulations that support the local manufacturing and encourage export between nations.

Our study indicated that the branded APIs currently dominate the biotech APIs market. However, with growing patent expiries and advancements in the market structure, the generic APIs will see a rapid growth. Growth in the oncology therapeutics, diabetes, and immune-related medications will primarily drive the market. Bio-catalysis related production will catch up greatly in the market holding immense potential in the future. The report further analyses the regulatory structure in the API and the biotech API market covering the mandates and guidelines for manufacturing, safety, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The report also provides an in-depth profiling of the major companies involved in the biotech API business to gain insights on their overall business, biotech API functioning, recent activities and an analysis on their strengths and weaknesses. Prudent market segmentation and forecasts have been provided to help players in the industry take informed decisions based on the future dynamics of this market. The geographic analysis and regulatory overview provide a holistic understanding to the reader to tap the potential opportunity areas in this industry.

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